Details of the Recent Study on Glucosamine

A study done by the NIH (National Institute of Health) opens new insight in to arthritis and knee pain, government study is 3rd largest of it's kind, 1,583 patients with knee pain due to arthritis received one of the following five treatments: either Glucosamine or Chondroitin, a combination of both, the painkiller Celebrex or placebo. In a subgroup of 354 people with moderate to severe knee pain; 79 percent who took Glucosamine + Chondritin reported relief compared with 54 percent who took the placebo and 69 percent who took Celebrex. In all groups of patients: Sixty percent who took the placebo had reduced pain compared with 64 percent who took Glucosamine, 65 percent who took Chondroitin and 67 percent who took the combination pills. With Celebrex 70 percent reported improvement.

Case Study Date: 3/1/2006