Progress of science is inevitable

Great news for advancement of science; California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger encourages passage of legislation to promote stem cell research, he is being supported by U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein. The event took place at UCLA Neuroscience Research center on the campus in Los Angeles Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2005. Politicians and scientists gathered to recommend the passage of legislation. The legislation would allow human stem cell research to proceed but would ban the cloning of humans. Photo  Reuters/ R.Galbraith

Discussion: In USA one of the most controversial subjects in science is research on stem cells at the same time this seems to be one of most promising areas in the field of arthritis and cartilage repair. Theoretically Stem cells are cells that their future, faith and function can be chosen by the scientist who uses them and develop in to functional tissue and cells in the body for regenerative purposes and it may be possible, for example, to use them to regenerate cells for cartilage, meniscus, a disc or tendon or a ligament. As oppose to the American laws , European countries specially Italy and England are much more liberal . The Center for Regenerative Medicine applauds the efforts of the Californian Governor Schwarzenegger and the U.S. Senator Feinstein.

Case Study Date: 9/6/2005