The new advances in stem cells

This photograph was initially published on May 19, 2005 by the Center for Life in Newcastle, England, It depicts the begining of life as eight cells cluster that will form embryo. The picture was taken 3 days after the initial nuclear transfer. The British scientists are among the first group of frontiers in the field.

Discussion: The current stem cells research to treat diseases is based on the following steps:

  • An unfertilized egg of a woman must be taken.
  • From this unfertilized egg also known as ova, The nucleus (Medical lingo: center of the cell) is removed.
  • The cells of the diseased person for example an Rheumatoid arthritic patient is taken from the patient by means of cell sampling.
  • The DNA and genetic material is processed from the arthritic cells.
  • These genetic materials are introduced to the egg (the ones prepared at astep2).
  • After few days the fertilized cell will become a cluster of cells.
  • These cluster of cells are made up of stem cells
  • Then these stem cells are studied for genetic defects.

Case Study Date: 4/19/2005