Dear Center for Regenerative Medicine,You are truly a Godsend to me.  Let me explain. Yoga has been my passion for over 20 years.  Approximately two years ago my right hip started giving me pain...after X-rays & an MRI, I was diagnosed with degenerative arthritis.  The pain was getting worse and I had absolutely no relief, even after seeing 4 orthopedic surgeons, 4 physical therapists, 2 chiropractic physicians, an acupuncturist and an osteopath specializing in pain management. I thought I was doomed for a hip replacement.  To me this was out of the question!A good friend of mine saw your ad in a magazine and she immediately contacted me.  After our consultation you suggested injections in my hip as well as therapy in your office.  To date I have had 4 injections along with the therapy and the pain is almost completely gone.  I am walking without a limp and have resumed my yoga practice.Thank you for being such a gentle and kind doctor.  I also want to thank your staff.  They have always been most polite and pleasant in a very professional manner to me.  You are clearly a miracle to me sent from God and I thank Him every day for the healing you have done on my hip.Love, Joy, Hope and Peace to you, Dr. Farshchian, and may the Lord's blessings surround you always. With warm regards,