Vidya Maharaj

Vidya Maharaj Biography

Vidya has mastered the art of clinical research and has a working knowledge of federal regulations needed for drug submission - from protocol development to drug approval. With her knowledge in the industry, we are hopeful that our trials will lead to FDA approval of our products.

As Director of Clinical Trial Operations, Vidya develops the clinical trials needed for our ground-breaking therapies at The Center for Regenerative Medicine Laboratories. Working with FDA and IRB to ensure compliance and regulation of trials within the center. Before coming to The Center for Regenerative Medicine, Mrs. Maharaj served as a clinical research epidemiologist for Zika surveillance at The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). She was one of the first commissioned epidemiologists to study Zika at the local level. Her work in the field was used for scientific analysis in CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports (MMWR) and other publications. She has implemented protocols that were used nationally for the surveillance of Zika.

Vidya was introduced to the world of clinical research at BioRasi, a Miami based Clinical Research Organization (CRO). While working as a Clinical Research Associate (CRA), she maintained regulatory binders, prepared and submitted IRB submissions and documents, and assisted in protocol development and investigator initiated studies. Well-versed in various therapeutic areas, she has leveraged her diverse clinical research background and experience to advance her career as a consultant.

While in graduate school, Vidya received an internship with Center for Disease Control and Prevention, The Division of Global Migration and Quarantine DGMQ at Miami International Airport. This internship was highly sought after and the most prestigious within her department. While at the CDC, Vidya was exposed and responsible in making and enforcing regulations necessary to prevent the introduction, transmission, and/or spread of communicable diseases from foreign countries into the United States.

Vidya established the first South Asian sorority in the state of Florida with Delta Phi Omega Inc. She also established other chapters in other schools and still remains on their advisory board today. With her guidance, Delta Phi Omega has grown in becoming the lead South Asian sorority in the USA.

While in college, Vidya worked hard to receive top scholastic honors. She was often placed in positions of leadership and on advisory boards for many organizations. She received her Bachelor’s of Arts in Sciences and a Masters degree in Public Health at Florida International University. Philosophy, Religious Studies, Psychology, Ethics and other similar studies contributed significantly to her education and continue to interest Vidya even today. Graduated in the top percentile of her Master’s Degree program in Public Health and became certified in Crisis and Emergency Management, a certification usually given to leaders in the professional arena.

In addition to her many accomplishments, Vidya is certified in most Electronic Data Capture Systems (EDC) and Electronic Medical Record Systems (EMR). She has recently earned her Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.

When she is not working, she loves traveling with her husband and six year old daughter.