The following is an exerpt from Shirley MacLaine's new book "Above Line"

I waited for the stem cells to take effect. I did my boring ultra-scheduled water therapy every day, regulating my life and activity around the pain, which continued without any hint of letting up. Bathing suit, slippers. Warm water, driving and eating in the car, up at 8:27 with the dogs, lying down and writing. Bathing suit, slippers. Warm water . . . repeat and then repeat again. Then on the tenth day after the injections, I realized I was pain-free . My world changed. In fact, I didn’t know what to do with myself. As the days passed, the pain didn’t return. I didn’t have to lie down four hours a day just to bear being alive. Then I noticed that I needed to seriously adjust to being peaceful and physically happy, not easy for an overachiever who wants to learn everything.