I have been struggling for a few years with hair-loss, mainly in my front hairline; as a transwoman I have felt internalized shame in not having the classic, full, female hairline; always self-conscious of my hairline & wearing my hair in styles that would hide the areas that made me feel self-conscious. I had been constantly researching the different options & methods usually used for hair-loss-hair transplants, head wraps, caster oil, vitamin D, plant-based follicle- stimulating serums, stimulating the follicles, holding your head upside-down to increase blood-flow-the list of possible ways to promote hair-growth was a lengthy one & one that seemed to have no clear solution. I had lost hope & had considered that shaving my head & wearing wigs may be my only option-an option that I was not keen on celebrating because I truly wanted to have my hair grow on its own-to see myself in the mirror as a beautiful person, a beautiful woman, with a full head of hair.

Then I was introduced to Dr. A. J. Farshchian, M.D. at The Center for Regenerative Medicine; he and his team are always on the cutting-edge of medical technologies & providing these technologies to their clients. Among these cutting-edge technologies is the robotic hair transplantation system which utilizes exosomes to decrease inflammation & accelerate the healing process. After a consultation with Dr. Farshchian I knew there was something different-something different in the way the procedure was performed, something different in the way Dr. Farshchian presented it, something different in the way they performed the robotic hair transplantation procedure, something different in the way they actually administer exosomes into the follicle, and in the transplant area, there was something different-& that difference is what made me want to work with Dr. Farshchian.

The procedure went very smoothly-I felt very comforted & at ease by the nurses & technicians & they walked me through all the steps of the procedure & did an excellent job of keeping me informed of what they were doing & the reason why. The operation was fairly painless & was able to leave the operating room a few hours after my procedure began. The healing process was a smooth one due in large-part to the exosomes administered during the procedure-by the third day the donor area was already healing & growing, by the fifth day the swelling was going down from the local anesthetic, & by the seventh day I could see that the transplant area was healing beautifully, pain was gone, & I could see that the hair follicles were all intact-I have experienced little to no loss of follicles which is leagues above the typical 30% follicle loss which was one of the reasons that had deterred me other hair transplant methods.

I will be continuing my hair-journey with Dr. Farshchian & am so impressed by the facilities, doctors, technicians & staff at The Center for Regenerative Medicine here in Miami, Florida. I am so looking forward to being able to let my hair down in this beautiful city I now call home.