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Ankylosing spodylitis

39 year old male came in today with chief complaint of not being able to move his neck. Patient was diagnosed with Ankylosing spondylitis in his 20s. Up to a year ago, although his range of motion was compromised but still he was able to move the neck somewhat , however since then his range of motion has been getting worse, at this point he can not move the neck at all; cervical range of motion=0 degree in all axis. He is other wise a healthy male. He takes no medications and he receives regular chiropractic treatments.

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Labrum tear in the hip

31year old male presents with one month of ache and pain in the right hip after a soccer injury, he states while raising his knee to kick a ball his ankle was pushed down by another player. Pain is constant and aggravates when he elevates the knee. He has no pain in lying position and he can lay on the affected hip without discomfort. His past medical history is negative and he is healthy male, takes Glucosamine daily. Patient is bringing with him an MRI with contrast which is positive for Labrum tear.

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Relationship Between Trauma and Arthritis in the Ankle

Patient presents to the clinic with a history of ligament tear grade 3 in both ankles. Patient tore both anterior talofibular ligaments in 1978. Patient is opting for surgically repair of the left tear. At this time patient is presenting in generally good health. Currently patient complains of pain and instability in the right ankle. Patient is unable to navigate on uneven terrain without pain and the fear of twisting the ankle.

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Fingers Arthritis

A 65 year old male from England presents to the office with pain and swelling of his fingers. Pain interferes with usual tasks such as holding a cup or a knife. His past medical history is essentially unremarkable. He takes Glucosamine and amino acids, with some relief. At a younger age patient was active in competitive fencing.

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Atrophy of shoulder muscle

56 year old male from Michigan presenting with chief complaint of frozen shoulder. Patient does not have much pain however doing daily tasks such as washing hair is getting more difficult due to loss of range of motion. His past medical history is positive for fracture of left shoulder as a younger man. On the exam patient shows some atrophy of left shoulder muscles.

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Trochanter Bursitis

63 year old male from Mexico flew in today for evaluation and treatment of left hip, patient states 6 months ago he fell down, since then he has pain in the hip 24 hours a day. Pain interferes with his activities specially his golf game. Pain gets worse when he walks too much or lies down or roll over on the hip, the aching pain sometimes radiate down the outside of the thigh as far as the knee. Climbing the stairs, has been so painful that patient had to build an elevator for his house.

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Osteoarthritis hip

34 year old sniper unit specialist presents to office for evaluation, complaining of left hip discomfort for almost 5 years. Patient has been diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the hip. Patient essentially has not much pain but his range of motion is compromised. His past medical history is other wise non contributory. He is in excellent shape and despite his hip problem he runs about 5 miles twice a week at times. He does not smoke. He takes Glucosamine and Amino acids. Patient is a Martial Arts Expert.

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Muscular Contusion

Some serious NBA action on TV today, while cheering for my home team Miami Heat, which is an NBA title contender thanks to the efforts of Miami center Mr. Shaquille O'Neal . The All-Star sports icon had to rest for several weeks in the playoffs, no thanks to a bruised thigh , did not get to practice or play since Game 2 of the second round of playoffs against Washington Wizards, he returned back to the court only last week after much speculation whether he will start in game one of Eastern conference finals against Detroit Pistons (The former world champions).

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Knee pain and obesity

A 71 year old obese female with history of knee pain presents to the office for evaluation and treatment. Patient states she has no pain as long as she is sitting, going downstairs hurts her much more than going up. Knees are always swelled up. Knees get real stiff after sitting for about 30 minutes. She has to use a pillow between her knees when she sleeps. She can not walk more than a few steps before stopping. Her past medical history is negative for Rheumatoid or any other connective tissue diseases. Tylenol helps some times.

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Chondromalacia patella in a young female

32year old movie star flew in from L.A for evaluation of her knees. Patient states since age 18 her knees have been troubling her. The pain is mostly at the level of the knee cap. The pain is worse when she goes downstairs or works out.The knees feel weak at times.She does not recall any injuries.She has tried Physical therapy as well as chiropractice with no improvement. She is otherwise healthy does not smoke and does not drink.There is no family history of arthritis. She is too young for a total knee replacement.

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Carpal Tunnel

40 year old right handed female complains of waking up from sleep almost every night with numbness of hands which improves by shaking the hands. She also says, opening a jar of peanut butter is getting more difficult day by day secondary to weakness developing at the level of the wrist. Her past medical history is negative for any history of rheumatoid or thyroid problems. She takes Glucosamine since a friend recommended but sees no improvement yet. She does not smoke and otherwise is healthy. Patient is a data-entry personnel.

Case Study Date: 5/11/2005 Read More

Patellar Tendon Rupture

53 year old female visited the center initially on 5/2/5, writes to us from Tennessee. Patient is status post surgical repair of a patellar tendon using a synthetic tendon this was complicated by additional tear as well as infection. Her past medical history is significant for SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus ) that she has it under control with prednisone. She does not smoke and otherwise is healthy. Patient has difficulty getting around and she has to use a walker to move around, she also states she has falls frequently due to instability of the knee.

Case Study Date: 5/9/2005 Read More

Posterior Knee Pain Because of Popliteal Cyst

60 year old female with history of arthritis of left knee presents to the office with complaint of pain specially in the back of her knee, the posterior knee pain is localized to an area of 1 to two inches in diameter of swelling which feels like a water-filled balloon. The pain gets worse when the swelling is more and when she fully extend her knee or when she walks a lot. Her past medical history except for osteoarthritis of her knee otherwise is non-contributory. Advil definitely helps hers swelling as well as the pain. She does not smoke but she does drink socially.

Case Study Date: 5/7/2005 Read More

Pseudo gout

50 year old woman presents to the office with history of knee pain in the left knee for several years, patient states her knee swells up at times for no reason at all. The knee was aspirated and positive for Calcium pyrophosphate deposits. Patient describes the pain deep in joint, .Pain does not exacerbate by any environmental factors, such as diet, exercise, weather...pain responds well to Mobic. She is not a smoker and she does not drink.

Case Study Date: 4/20/2005 Read More

The new advances in stem cells

This photograph was initially published on May 19, 2005 by the Center for Life in Newcastle, England, It depicts the begining of life as eight cells cluster that will form embryo. The picture was taken 3 days after the initial nuclear transfer. The British scientists are among the first group of frontiers in the field.

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Osteoarthritis of Cervical spine, Neck Pain after a car accident

55 year old male, with history of neck pain for 20 years presents to the office for treatment.

Case Study Date: 4/10/2005 Read More

AVN Ankle

PS is a 32 year old male with history of ankle pain for more than 5years, Patient is diagnosed with avascular necrosis of both ankles. The left much worse than the right. Describes severe pain at all the time, can not walk more than a few steps before having to stop. Pain is worse at night time, not allowing him to sleep, Patient has been confined to his home mostly. His past medical history is complicated by history of Pheochromocytoma and removal of his left Adrneal gland and onset of Osteoporosis at the age of 28.

Case Study Date: 4/8/2005 Read More

Tuberculosis of The Hip

RKis 54 year old white female from Fiji who was was initially diagnosed with hip pain at the age 7. At the time, she recalls living at a rural area in a farm with her pain persisting despite various treatments. Subsequently after several visits to different physicians fluid was aspirated from the hip and sent to a lab, a culture was positive for tuberculosis; Patient received daily injections of Streptomycin for 6 months. By the time treatment started some damage was already occurred.

Case Study Date: 4/1/2005 Read More

The Learning Lab Volume 5: New Paradigm for Osteoarthritis of the Knee

The Learning Lab Volume 5: New Paradigm for Osteoarthritis of the Knee
Case Study Date: 12/22/2004 Read More
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